Dirty South Danes

Cook's Southern Quality Great Danes

...Puppies born November 18, 2014...

              Welcome to Dirty South Danes

We are Great Dane Breeders out of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  We are located in Long Beach, MS to be exact.  Our kennels sit on 5 acres of land that allow our babies to establish great health and agility.  Our dogs are of AKC registration and produce big, healthy pups each litter. Pedigree includes: Meistersinger, McIvors, Rogers(RQD), and Lou's. Also we have some champion bloodline dams in our kennel. Our dogs and puppies are raised around a loving family of adults and children and come with loving, playful temperaments. Our dogs are very graceful and although gentle they are excellent watch dogs as they are pets. We breed for quality companions to become a great, loving addition to your family.